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Postal Dude Account Management

hi, i run the “The Postal Dude” account on steam - a roleplay account for source games powered by HLDJ. since i get asked a lot how i do it, i decided to form this guide.

if you don’t know my profile, you can add me and follow me around. !

anyway, everything is run through HLDJ. a free program. it takes a bit of setting up, but it is worth it. to get dialogue, i use dragon unpacker. a free program that can open many files. i got the postal dude voice files by purchasing postal 2 complete on steam, installing it, playing it and having buckets of fun.. only to find out the dude’s files are compressed in .uax files

thankfully, dragon unpacker opens those and even has a setting for postal 2, pretty nifty. the files by default are in .wav format which is insanely handy, but they are also in high quality which is a bit of a pain. why would it be a pain? because hldj is VERY specific about how it works. 

see, i manage things through two folders. “convert these later” and “postaldudevoices” - self explanatory. convert these laters are vocal files i have not converted to the point where HLDJ can use it without royally fucking it up. the postaldudevoices is my collection of converted voice files. 

to convert these voice files, first i need to head into my convert folder and select the files i want to start using. RWS are pretty cool people since each file is clearly labeled after what he says. some may require a playback, but it’s pretty easy to tell which is which if you’ve played postal 2. once i have the files selected, i cut them out and ship them into my converted voice folder. this is where audacity comes in, 

i open up the file i want to edit in audacity, it’s free and very powerful. the first thing to do is to make sure everything is in mono, HLDJ does not like stereo. up next, i have to set the main project rate for the whole file, not a track, to 11025. afterwards i setup the mono track to be sampled at 16 bits. i export it over the file i put in, and i have the voice line ready to use. for a large batch of files, this process takes about 30 minutes to get them all in. it takes a bit of effort but not a large one.

once i have my voice files setup, it’s time to adventure out into a source game. as of writing this the account is new so i only have TF2, i’ll probably buy DOF:S etc later on. first thing i do is make sure HLDJ is working by either typing in console hldj or la. hldj is help text, and la lists the files. once it’s working, i typically load up a voice file to test if the server has HLDJ enabled, not every server does. if it isn’t, all that comes out is just ear-rape static.

i usually load up “hi there” or just “hi” - works pretty well and it’s short. i mainly hunt for random gamemode servers, these tend to have HLDJ enabled. i’ve found jail to be fun if you can find a good community for it. another good thing to look for is mario kart servers, lots of them have HLDJ enabled.. another way to hunt down a HLDJ server is to just use the hldj tag. also, server admins who have hldj enabled: please add a HLDJ tag, thanks. mostly idle servers but you can find a few populated ones usually that aren’t idle.

after that, i don’t use any binds right now.i might later on but with the oh so changing numbers it might have to wait until i have every voice file converted. so i have to type out the voice file i want to use manually. i usually load up a file that i’ll play on a kill taunting someone, or i’ll load up something like “ow, that’s going to sting” if i die. i also tend to do random comments at round start.

it’s a pretty fun thing to do and it doesn’t take much effort. so this pretty much explains how i do everything. wrote this to get rid of all questions on how i do it..

My W.I.P deadmau5 cover here’s a list of flaws so far

1. the pad is the most notable one i should hopefully have that fixed later

2. the chords aren’t loud enough

3. i messed up the main melody even though it isn’t in this upload

4. i definitely overdid the length sorry

starting work on “Base 47: Escape”

my first doom wad. it’ll have some kind of pseudo story in the form of level evolution and investigating secrets and corpses.

for now the general plan is going to be about escape, starting you off near the start of the base with your squad running into an unfortunate collapse leaving you (or your co-op buddies!) the last ones alive.

first level will be kind of a horror element where you’ll spend time exploring with darkness and corpses until you reach the nuclear power sector that isn’t fucked up.

it’ll progress from there up to some kind of train level finale

also i’ll be making it intended for play with brutal doom but it should work on regular doom too

(runs off of doom 2)

demo coming soon

opening FL studio for the first time since like, december. i’m probably going to be worse then i was but whatever

if i make anything i’ll give a link here

okay, seriously.

i HATE games where you have to collect useless crap to advance. i’m not talking abut like capture the flag, but where you beat the level and you go to it 900 million times to gather up some stupid bullcrap like a star or just go faster.

while it’s good optional, perhaps i want to do something else? what if i don’t want to come back to the same level and do the same thing over and over to just unlock the next one? what if i just want to advance? too bad. you gotta collect. this doesn’t add to the game, it just makes it tedious. it’s grinding. add in characters and make it where everyone else can play online and you have a damned mmo.

this is why i didn’t bother completing super mario 3d land, i don’t want to go back and back to get star and star, and this is why trials evolution is irritating me.

because i get to go back and do the same thing over and over and over.

How To Anime - A Guide

Hello! Do you wish to create your own original anime/manga? As a professional neckbeard, I’m here to help you today!

First, we need to create some characters. Let’s go over that.

Step 1. Make sure the hair is always very long, and is an odd color. Why not green? Blue? Why not.

Step 2. She has to be a school girl. If you don’t want her to be a school girl, give her a school girl uniform. Otherwise it doesn’t count

Step 3. Boobs.

Step 4. Boobs.

Step 5. Guess what? Boobs.

Step 6. Bigger boobs.

Step 7. Really big boobs.

Step 8. Boobs.

Step 9. Give her an insanely unrealistic voice that is annoying and full of sexual moans.

Now, you need a universe! Here are a few tips!

1. robots

2. robots

3. robots

4. r obots

5. ro ro ro robots

6. robits

With your characters written and your universe decided, now you need a name! I felt free to make up a few.




well done. you have officially created an anime

Oh, North Korea!

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i mean, really. this is funny. hey, could someone inform me when we have kim jong fatass’ head on obama’s desk?

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